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Long-distance driving tips

It is great to go touring through a country, doing long-distance with your family. Going on a long drive? Long-distance is longer than 300 km and three hours or more. If you go on a long summertime you need to pack things to not get bored all the way. These tips might just help you. 

 Sleep the night before you leave

Tiredness is dangerous. Make sure you get a good night’s rest the night before you leave. If you leave early in the morning, go to bed early the night before. Don’t use alcohol that night then you aren’t fresh in the morning when it is time to drive.

Wear comfortable clothing

 Don’t wear fancy cloth for a long drive. Wear something according to the weather outside.   Wear sweat pants during the wintertime and a loose t-shirt and some travel shoes in the summertime. In wintertime just have a jacket in case it gets chilly in the car or when you stop at a fill-up. 

 Stop every two hours or 200 km

Take a break after every 200 km to boost yourself. Stop at a fill-up. Get something to eat and drink, use the bathroom and strength your legs. So that you have the energy to drive further, and not get tired and lose focus.

Bring snacks 

While you drive you to get hungry or thirsty. Have snacks with you, but it must be very light. Snacks like nuts, chips, water or sweets that will last you long. 

Pack a small cooler box to keep your drinks cool. Nibbling on something that will last longer your hunger and then you don’t have to stop for a meal a lot. 

Share the driving 

 If someone in the car has a license ask if you can take turns to drive. While the other is driving take a nap and rest until it is your turn to drive. Don’t drive more than 10 hours in one day. Don’t drive long because you can get tired behind the wheel. 

Get fresh air 

Make sure the aircon is on and open now and then some windows. Fresh air also keeps you longer awake so that you can drive longer. 

If you drive long-distance make sure you use these tips. It can help you to drive safely and give you an insight how to prevent to drive long dictions in the future. And help you to overcome the long dictions to you are about to drive.        

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